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We tell stories about people, as humanizing business is our passion.

Keeping it Snappy

We value your time more than Trump values publicity.
Our news is brief and our events return you to the office by 10AM.


Like the scoop from your next-door neighbor, our scoop is localized to your market and its surrounding neighborhoods.

People love photos

So that you can connect names to faces, our content is picture heavy.

Funny Business

Have we told you we like humor?

What can a trade publication do to make the industry more fun, not to mention stand out from competitors? Two words: jet packs.

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The Team

Kyle Hagerty

Reporter, Houston

There’s no other way to say it, despite his parent’s best efforts, Kyle is a nerd. The term doesn’t bother him, he’s proud to proclaim that he can name every member of the Jedi Counsel ever - the guy even built his own computer. Kyle's father played Football at Texas A&M, all but forcing him to become an Aggie too, where he earned his degree in Economics. After graduating, Kyle moved to Houston, where we became a part-time assistant superintendent and full-time taco connoisseur. We were lucky to catch him while trawling the depths of the internet and knew we had to bring him onboard immediately. Don't be fooled, underneath his boyish good looks is an old soul who simply wants to watch Jeopardy!, sip tea and enjoy a nice quiet board game.

James Shearin

Event Producer, DC

James found himself in DC after living most of his life in North Carolina. He graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with double majors in Psychology and Communication Studies. A city boy at heart, James spent some time in London, and moved on to his own nation's capital. After working in the co-working industry, he realized his enthusiasm for growing businesses and their stories. James loves warm weather and the beach, and will happily volunteer to take the seat in the sun.

Sean Donahue

Director, Escape I Ascent

BBQ and World Series Championship baseball - that's what Kansas City does. Born and raised in the BBQ capital of Planet Earth, Sean has been a BBQ snob for his entire life. (Don't even think about bringing up Memphis or the Carolinas.) After growing up as a vagabond living in three different states, Sean decided to go abroad for college. He ventured to the great country of Texas, where he became a Horned Frog at TCU. Upon graduating with degrees in marketing, entrepreneurial management and country music, Sean had great aspirations to become an eskimo, so he decided to winter in Chicago. Unfortunately, he couldn't cut it at ice-fishing and wound up doing investment sales for Cushman & Wakefield and institutional sales for a CRE tech start-up. He attended so many Bisnow events throughout his career that he accidentally morphed into one of us. And yes, he still wears cowboy boots to meetings in the Big Apple. (And is often rightly judged for it.)

Kim Pomerenk

Event Producer

After graduating from Fairfield University with a degree in Business, Kim did the most logical thing she could think of, and packed up her life and moved to sunny Los Angeles (where she knew no one and had no job). After several months of socking up the sun and hundreds of green juices later, she left Los Angeles and moved back to New York where she began her career in corporate finance as an investor relations analyst for a digital media company. After her 25th birthday (aka quarter life crisis) Kim decided it was time to leave the corporate finance world and run into the loving arms of Bisnow where she joined as an Event Producer.

Lauren Popp

Advertising Campaign Specialist

Lauren Popp grew up in the vast desert of Georgia before settling into the jagged valleys of active volcanoes of Tennessee. (We’re pretty bad at topography so that might be slightly inaccurate.) At Bisnow, Lauren keeps the ship running for editorial and advertising, all while raising three kids and a chocolate labrador. (When asked who is more demanding, us or the children, she answered, “No comment.”)  We’re glad she puts up with us because she takes care of our ads from the beaches of Philadelphia, all the way to the frozen tundra of Houston.

Tom Russo

Copy Editor

Tom was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the son of a police officer and a teacher. (You will learn when tutored by an educator and a man with a gun!) He left home to attend college in upstate NY, where he learned that both Lake Ontario and mustaches can freeze if it gets cold enough. Upon realizing he would never be a standup comic (lots of stage fright and very little talent), he set out to become the next Edward R. Murrow. Stints at radio stations and newspapers in VA, MD and DE led to the realization that was a joke, so Tom caved to his lifelong love of reading. In his spare time, he enjoys tsundoku, randomly throwing impressive words into sentences, finding new comics on YouTube, pondering the great questions of the universe (is copy editor one word or two?), and seeking a good lawyer to sue Larry the Cable Guy for stealing the term "witless protection" in 2008 without even offering tickets to the movie, let alone royalties.

Bisnow has spent the last eight years putting humor and fun at the core of its b-to-b media model - and has grown rapidly.

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