February 27, 2018

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DICE Southeast | Data Center Investment Conference & Expo, Southeast

Join us for our first Data Center Investment Conference & Expo (DICE), Southeast in the beautiful city of Atlanta!

Atlanta is experiencing a data center demand resurgence over the past 18 months, as established players continue to grow their presence and new players hone in on Atlanta for their Southeast expansion.

In the first half of 2017 alone, investors poured $18.2B into data center real estate, double the amount invested in 2016. 

With over $45B invested in the sector over the past five years, private capital and institutional investors entering the space are becoming savvier in their investments.  

Topics To Include: 

1. What does a cooling off in leasing mean for the sector?

2. How will the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing impact data center demand? 

3. What is driving the growth of data center demand in Atlanta? How are new users approaching the market? 

4. What major M&A activity do players see on the horizon?

5. As absorption rates returned to normal after the first half of 2017, what trends will continue in the market? 

6. How are data center strategies changing as end user demand begins to shift? Will the blurring of business models - from wholesale data centers to retail colo continue? 

What makes Atlanta such a hot market for data centers?

- Tech Workforce: Atlanta is home to over 13,000 technology companies, making it one of the deepest tech workforces in the country.

- Strong University System: Talent is increasingly one of the demand drivers of where companies choose to locate their headquarters, which in turn, drives demand for data centers in the region. 

- Comparatively Low Land Prices, Lower Taxes Atlanta makes economic sense - there's a reason why so many major firms choose to locate here. 

- Robust connectivity, abundant power, low utility costs, competitive colo & cloud environment 

Learn from & network with the leading owners, developers, investors, end users, and major players in the data center space. 

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Venue & Travel

The American Cancer Society Center
250 Williams St., NW, 
Atlanta, GA 30303



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